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    Sevaji (Johannes Linstead) was recently asked by Excellence Reporter magazine to give his perspective on the “meaning of life”. You can read it here:

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  • ThumbnailAccording to statistical data, every year around a whopping 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean. And if humankind proceeds to conventionally clean (via vessels and nets) these expansive areas in […]

    • Funnily enough, today while on a walk I was thinking about all the garbage that ends up in our oceans. I was thinking how criminal it really is. It’s not enough that we pollute our own cities that we live in but that we have the audacity to allow our trash end up in the world’s oceans which is not our home. Not only is this bad manners but highly unethical.

      I had the idea that if it were possible to have some sort of governing body that could impose strict fines on countries that do not impose its’ own fines on corporations, cities, and people that pollute.

      To thwart heavy fines, countries would then fine municipalities, who would then fine cities, and ultimately the cities would be responsible to ensure its’ local businesses and citizens obey the law and be responsible for their trash.

      Further, education about the necessity of not polluting and also the severity of this crisis should be mandatory for all children, perhaps part of a kind of “Humanology” or “Earthology” course.

      Of course, worrying about pollution is bad for business – it costs money, which hinders profit. Hence, corporations get away with basically destroying our water systems, with practices such as fracking and allowing toxic waste to enter our waters via the sewage systems.

      The ONLY WAY things will change is if people get interested, involved, and start voicing their outrage. And, indeed, we should all be outraged because this planet belongs to everyone, not just the elite, and the if we continue this way future generations will simply not survive due to our present carelessness.

    • Thank you, Johannes, for caring about our planet through your website and spreading awareness about the mistreatment of our global home! Yes, I agree that the problem of the giant mounds of garbage that swirl in our ocean’s vortexes is a disgrace and directly contributes to the destruction of our planet ~ Your insight into the causes and steps that can be taken to clean up our oceans is a wonderful contribution toward healing our Mother Earth ~

      Like you said – more people need to get involved ~ At a small local level in my little hometown of Encinitas California the community has taken a step against plastic grocery bags ..and adapted a policy that food stores will no longer offer the free plastic bags and so encouraging shoppers to bring in our own eco-friendly bags ~ While these small steps are taking place – hoping that your suggestions are heard so corporations and nations will take steps to change their destructive practices that have harmed our oceans and planet ~

    • Here’s an article about the Encinitas plastic bag ban ~

  • ThumbnailBy Steven Bancarz January 15, 2015
    Martin Pistorious was just 12 years old when the doctors diagnosed him with what they believed was Cryptococci Meningitis, a sever fungal infection of the brain. This news […]

    • “This story should completely changed the way we see mentally disabled individuals. Their minds are alert and receptive, their souls are alive, and their hearts are sensitive.” Thank you Johannes for this story and important insight – a great example of how strong the soul and awareness live on inside many people .. even when they have lost the ability to express themselves fully ~

  • ThumbnailMeet the world’s happiest man, Mattieu Ricard. Ricard is a 66 year old Tibetan monk and geneticist, who has displayed unheard of brain gamma waves. These gamma waves are intertwined with attention, learning, […]

    • Thank you for sharing this article, Johannes/Sevaji, which is on a topic I have been fascinated by and reading more about in recent years ~ I think the study of the brain is key in understanding the power of meditation and shows how science and spirituality go hand in hand ~ As in the study of the monk’s brain activity – similar studies of the right and left brain show how people can focus on certain parts and functions of the brain … resulting in many of the benefits of deep meditation ~ How great if one can learn to turn off the distractions of a chattering mind, painful past memories and worries of the future – so one can experience the bliss and peace found in the present moment – even if only for a few hours or minutes a day in meditation :)

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    ThumbnailThe Chinese have put out billboard ads announcing the Renminbi as the New World Currency
    March 4, 2015
    Bangkok, Thailand

    When I arrived to Bangkok the other day, coming down the motorway from the airport I […]

    • The move of China making its currency – the renminbi available to the world IS very significant – thank you for this article Johannes ~ Some economist say China might surpass America’s GDP in 10 years even though, as the article points out, it has slowed down in the short term ~ So the introduction of China’s currency on the world market competing with the Dollar and Euro could have a HUGE impact on the world wide financial systems and power structure in the years to come ~~~

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  • Starting in year 2024 – the Mars One project will start sending people on one-way trips to inhabit the red planet ~

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    • Former governor and navy seal Jesse Ventura did his own investigation and documentary on the events of 9/11 ~ Here is a link to part of Jesse’s four part series ..
      His investigation found further insight to the theory that explosives brought down the twin towers and third high rise – not the planes alone ~ Also questions why all the remains of the buildings were shipped off to China in a few days, why no one shot down the airplanes before crashing into the twin towers, why the black boxes were said to “not be found” ~ I think the public should have questioned why the guys flying the planes into the towers were from Saudi Arabia but yet 9/11 was the event that led to the war in Iraq ..war backed by Bush and Cheney (Cheney happens to have oil interests in Iraq) ~ Many questions unanswered ~ hmmm ~

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