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The Wildlife and Food Connection

World Wildlife Fund’s landmark Living Planet Report, a biennial report card of how we’re doing when it comes to protecting our planet from environmental harm, shows a devastating decline in wildlife populations around the world. Wildlife populations are on average, about half the size they were just 40 years ago. One of the main culprits? Food production. Much of the food we buy and consume daily directly impacts wildlife. The video shows some of the ways we can help.

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Food industry labels like cage free and free range can be misleading ~

Cage free eggs and free range chickens sound great, like chickens  happily frolicking around barns and pastures. If I hear free range I think of   chickens  outdoors, dust-bathing, perching, and going after their  normal instinctive behavior. Wouldn’t you too? Unfortunately this is far from true in many cases – The …

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6 Minute Video Reveals Mindless Human Eaters


In this excerpt from the documentary Smasara, you’ll witness 6 minutes of shame for the human race.

I find it deeply disturbing that mankind would misuse its intelligence to create apparatuses that diminish the quality of life for animals simply to expedite the killing process. The fact that we continue to create more and more horrific weapons to kill even our own species shows our lack of respect for life. I hereby withdraw my association with the human race. I am now just an animal. Kill an animal and you kill me. Eat an animal and you eat me. For those of conscience, please consider the chain of suffering involved to bring a piece of meat to your plate. You are part of that chain. Is it worth it? Don’t blindly answer this question with an autonomic response. Enter your consciousness into the inquiry. Can you imagine a humanity that cares about the welfare of all sentient beings? It seems like we are taught not to care, that it is acceptable to drop depleted uranium bombs, that we can slaughter animals for our own culinary pleasure, that we can destroy and waste the earth’s resources. What a message we are sending to the children of this world who will inevitably grow up to accept and repeat the same atrocities. You want a better world? Become more conscious and deepen your compassion for life! Then encourage others and help them to get out of their apathy so that the human race can blossom into becoming the humane race that we were meant to be. – Sevaji


The Case for Vegetarianism Explained by a Child

I am so touched by the beauty of this child. He recognizes what so many people try to ignore, that animals are sentient beings and there is no reason to eat flesh and cause such suffering. Children, if they are explained what they are eating, are usually horrified by the very idea of causing the death of a pig or cow to simply put a section of a corpse on your plate. The Earth is abundant with so many vegetables, nuts, grains, and fruits. Why kill? This must have a profoundly underestimated effect on the consciousness of a child which stays with them into adulthood, desensitizing them to others’ suffering.