Divine Earth Yoga Retreats

Yoga & Music Retreats in the Dominican Republic
Enjoy a rejuvenating and healing a week of self-discovery and spiritual bliss in the tropical paradise of the Dominican Republic with world renown yoga teacher, author and musician Sevaji (Johannes Linstead)!

Dominican Retreat: US $850 
This is the best value for a retreat anywhere. Retreats includes daily yoga class, nightly kirtan, accommodations, vegetarian meals, special classes (including Fire Ceremony, Qi Gong, meditation) and fun on the beach!

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“Citizenfour” wins Oscar for best documentary ~

The recent Oscar show awarded the Edward Snowden film, Citizenfour, for best documentary ~ The academy could not let the honor go by without the host of the show, Neil Patrick Harris, following up quickly with a nasty remark about how Edward could not be at the ceremony “for some treason” – Therefore bringing the debate to light of government spying on its own citizens – The day after the Oscars .. Snowden reunited with reporter Glenn Greenwald and director Laura Poitras on the digital platform Reddit, to share his thoughts from Russia, where he’s avoiding arrest…to address the film’s impact and support regular citizens who combat government surveillance – “If you’re not willing to be called a few names to help out your country, you don’t care enough.” and reporter Greenwald said “Edward Snowden should not be forced to choose between living in Russia or spending decades in a high-security American prison…. The goal of the U.S. government is to threaten, bully, and intimidate all whistle-blowers—… because they think that climate of fear is crucial to deterring future whistle-blowers. As long as they embrace that tactic, it’s hard to envision them letting Ed return to his country. But we as citizens should be much more interested in the question of why our government threatens and imprisons whistle-blowers.”

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