The Blessings of the Holidays ~

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Namaste ~
If I may, a quote to share for the holidays from Johannes ~
“Today and everyday is a blessing so please give others the blessing of you at your best. This is the greatest gift you can give the world. On December 25th we celebrate the birth of a man who gave the world the blessing of all that is good within a human being: truth, healing, compassion, righteousness, hope, and divine love. What was within Jesus is within you. My prayer for you is that you remember this beauty that is your true nature and that you always express the highest and purest love in your heart with each breath. May your love touch the hearts of others, the fearful, the lonely, the weak, the poor, the sad, the brokenhearted. In this way, may we heal and be healed, supporting one another as one family under the Divine.


The age of Aquarius is upon us and it is said will be the beginning of a new golden age of enlightenment ~

My sincere holiday best wishes and appreciation to Divine Earth and all for another year of sharing the blissful blessings and divinity within each of us ~ I know even though each of us are busy with holiday activities and other obligations (I myself am in the middle moving into a new home) I wish to extend my gratitude for all we have shared in spirit and meaningful expressions of life, love and joy ~
Divinely ~ Coralina ~

Change ~

I love this ~ A quote to share from Johannes/Sevaji on change ~ 

What Would You Like To Change?

Change is a fundamental aspect of existence. The whole universe is changing and everything in it, from the smallest grain of sand to the largest planet, is in a state of flux. Even things that seem dormant are changing but at a slower rate. The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus observed 2500 years ago that a man cannot step into the same river twice – one, because the river is ever-changing and, two, because the man is ever-changing.

Animals seem to adapt to change rather naturally, much like water adapts to the easiest course. Man is a little more stubborn; he tries to change nature and circumstances to adapt to his whim. Thus each individual tries to change the world according to his or her desire. Needless to say, this causes a lot of stress which seems to be the one thing man has not been able to change and overcome.

Think for a moment: what would you like to change in your world to make your life less stressful? I’m sure just about 100% of the people reading this immediately thought of something external to themselves to change. You may have thought to yourself that if you had more money you’d be less stressed, or if you had a better job, or more time, or a less naggy spouse, or a more laid back boss. The thing to understand is that these external things are the most difficult to change because it is not within your grasp to change them. yet, we continue to focus our intentions on changing the virtually unchangeable.

The one thing you do have the power to change is you. Just like the river that Heraclitus spoke of, you too are ever-changing. Like a farmer who redirects the waters of a river to bring more or less water to his crop as needed, we can direct our consciousness where needed.

Your attitude, beliefs, moods, pastimes, and so forth can change at anytime. Sometimes they change by personal epiphanies, new knowledge or by experience, but sometimes our attitudes, beliefs and moods become so rigid and engrained in us that we cling to them even when we know they are not correct. Life is too short to hold on to any attitude, belief, or mood on that doesn’t bring freedom and joy.

Most people when asked if there is anything about themselves that they’s like to change can come up with at least one attribute. What is yours?

There are a few steps to making positive changes in your life, as follows:

1. Look at yourself, not the external, for what needs to be changed. That is, don’t say “if I had a better job I’d be a better person.”
2. Acknowledge what needs to be changed. Nothing will change if you don’t take the time to recognize it.
3. Have the desire to change it. If you don’t truly want to change, it won’t happen.
4. Do what needs to be done to make the improvements. Acknowledging and desiring are not enough, you must take the necessary steps to make the changes happen. In some cases it may require soul searching, in other cases it may require getting professional help. If you are overweight you may need a personal trainer. If you are an alcoholic you may need AA intervention.
5. Be patient. Allow yourself time to make the change and don’t beat yourself up if you occasionally slip up. Try to enjoy the journey of self-discovery and make it part of your spiritual quest.

I think most people want a more beautiful, peaceful and loving world. What better way to create this than by starting with yourself? As you become more beautiful, peaceful and loving you will find that your relationship and perception of the world will change.


Johannes ~ Sevaji

Wild Horses ~

If I may share Johannes ~ Sevaji’s beautiful words on wild horses ~ 

“Have you ever seen a wild bucking horse? It jumps and thrashes around, kicking its legs out uncontrollably posing a danger to anyone who stands in its way. You may have seen a cowboy ride a bucking stallion until it gives up and gets accustomed to having the cowboy on its’ back or it tosses the rider off. A pinhooker earns his or her living by “breaking” the horse, essentially training it to be calm and rideable so that it follows your commands. A good pinhooker will take time to gain the animal’s trust. He will talk to it softly, rub its neck. After a time, he will put halter over the horses face and buckle it up. Then, before even riding the horse, he will walk it around, guiding it left and right. Over the course days and even weeks the pinhooker will continue to teach and gain the horse’s trust by petting him and brushing him. Slowly the horse learns to follow the commands of the pinhooker and a bond is created.

This is much like the relationship we have with our own minds. The mind can be wild and reckless, without direction and without control. In this state the mind is a danger to ourselves and others. But we are beyond the mind; we are the witness behind the thoughts. Much like the pinhooker we can slowly regain control over the mind to make it work under our command, the command of the soul. It takes time and perseverance. The method is meditation which puts the mind to sleep, so to speak – in a state of neutrality. The neutral mind is the gate in which the divine will of the soul can enter and assert guidance.

Thoughts on their own without the direction of the soul often lead us astray. The mind will wander unguided seeking ego fulfillment and spurious pleasure that only benefit the self. As the mind becomes more tame we begin to recognize the need to consider others in our choices and decisions. Realizing the play of karma caused by bad decisions, we learn that the mind can lead us astray if not tempered with higher wisdom. Thus, over time, the balance of control moves towards the soul and we become more selfless, bringing joy into the hearts of others.

Finally, once we fully surrender the mind to the soul we experience lasting bliss. It is as if the both the pinhooker and wild stallion have both disappeared and all that is left is the witness who was neither the horse (the mind) nor the pinhooker (the body), just an onlooker who laughed at the play.

Sat Nam,

Johannes ~ Sevaji”

Birthday blessings Johannes ~ Sevaji ~


Sending abundant birthday blessings to Johannes/Sevaji in celebration of your birth ~ Such an unlifting soul to so many ~

As Buddha says – Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened ~

Sorry I cannot join your birthday celebration tomorrow  on the 6th so I send you an early Happy Birthday here ~

Divinely with love ~ Coralina ~   

Life and Existence – by Johannes ~ Sevaji

There are many questions we ask in life about life and existence, some more profound than others. Children ask where a loved one goes after they die. Scientists question the laws of physics and the natural laws that bind the physical universe. Sages confront questions about the omnipotence about God and the truth of reality. We all have our own questions that shape us in diverse ways.
It seems some of the most profound questions are those that are unanswerable or incomprehensible. Though there may one day theoretically be be a mathematical formula that can measure the vastness of the universe, will the human mind be able to grasp it? The ancient philosophers of Greece were also mathematicians. They sought to explain the universe through numbers. For example, we know Pythagorus today as the man who gave us Pi (3.14…), but in his day he was recognized as a spiritual master with many followers. He also created a complex system of numerology, a method of divination using one’s birthday and name to foresee one’s destiny.
We can see that humankind has spent much effort to make sense of existence and the soul. Unfortunately, there have been many instances throughout history where greedy men have attempted to keep the populace ignorant as well. Pythagorus’ school was attacked and burned to the ground. Socrates was sentenced to death for “corrupting” the youth of Athens with his teachings. The great Library of Alexandria which possessed many ancient texts on metaphysical subjects was also burned. Early Christianity attempted to keep people uneducated and even forbade the reading of the bible by the average citizen. In more recent times, women were not allowed to attend university. What atrocities mankind has perpetrated to keep the masses in darkness.
Whether our search for knowledge is of the mundane world or of the immaterial world, it all arises from from a thirst to make sense of the most fundamental question: “Who am I?” If the questions we ask reflect a desire to bring clarity and understanding to one’s being we have embarked on a spiritual journey. If the answers we find are untainted by already existing opinions and beliefs and are virgin in their nature, then we can be assured that we are getting closer to eternal Truths. 
Sometimes when we are on the journey of self-inquiery we attempt to fit all new knowledge and wisdom into our pre-formatted conclusions of the way things are. If one was raised Christian or Buddhist or Muslim, the tendency is to force all new knowledge into that pre-existing framework because we are fearful to think outside the box, we are fearful to have our foundations shaken. “The box” is a comfort zone but it is also a trap that prevents one from attaining ultimate realizations. Functioning from a conclusion is anti-thema to seeking of Truth. To find the truth – of the universe, of god, of one’s own being – one needs to approach life with a blank slate, from the point of zero. When you believe you already know your intelligence has become stunted and stagnant. When you can acknowledge that you know not, only then can the true inquiry begin.
Life is so full of wonders, so full of mysteries, so full of unfathomable things! It can be awe-inspiring to look at the star-filled night sky, or to observe a bird on the wing. Life does not need an explanation; it does not need mathematical equations; it does not need someone to tell you how to live…Drop all the nonsense and limitations of belief systems and seek that which offers freedom and brings you closer to love. Let your open heart be the lamp on your path and your soul your eternal companion. 
Johannes ~ Sevaji

A beautiful mind – Johannes ~ Sevaji ~ Hippie Guru Maharaj

Here are Johannes/Sevaji’s words on the musci of life ~ So beautiful ~

“The Music of Life

What a blessing music has been to me. When I was a child I was fascinated that by stringing together a few notes the sound produced could either make no sense or could touch my heart. What was is that made the notes melodious and soul stirring? What was the secret behind this? These question lead to a deep inquiry within me, almost like a religious person’s journey to find god.

I never set out to find god; I only set out to know my self, to understand what things bring me joy and peace, and what things bring me closer to know my heart and to know my soul. Many beautiful mistakes were made along the way, each a new discovery in itself, just like a child who begins to learn to play the piano or guitar. First there will be many bad notes played and perhaps a poor sense of rhythm, but with time the notes begin to flow with rhythm and, if the commitment and dedication is there, the novice grows into an apprentice and eventually into a master.

Composing music lead me to go deep within, to spend many hours in solitude. In my silence I discovered that the current of creativity that I once thought was “me” is not me. For as the inward journey continued I discovered that this current is everyone and everything and everywhere.

The universe is a divine orchestra of which humans play a part, along with the birds, the trees, the ocean waves, the moon, the sun, the planets, the galaxy…The greatest discovery was that the more I surrender this concept of “me” the more the unending gift of the divine flows into me. The cosmos is an unexhaustible symphony of sounds, colors, lights, and vibrations all dancing a sacred dance. Once you learn the steps the dance is easy…

Be blessed,

Johannes ~ Sevaji ~ Hippie Guru Maharaj”

The Creative Self ~

Amazing how Johannes has a way of expressing the essence of our most precious life-experiences if he is speaking to each one of us individually and awakening a deep cord within ~ Here is Johannes/Sevaji’s discourse on “The Creative Self” ~ so beautiful ~

“The Creative Self

It seems to me that to be a truly happy and fulfilled person there is a need for self-expression, and that as human beings we have this innate urge to create and to participate in shaping the world around us. We all have the ability to be creative, but how often do we give ourselves the opportunity to do so?

When we were children most of us loved building things whether it be snow forts (if you lived in the north) or sand castles; or to design our own toys out of boxes, wood, or other leftover scrap material; or make dolls and dress them up; or dream up imaginary worlds with wizards, dragons, princesses, unicorns, or just imaginary friends to keep us company. This out pouring of creative expression is what made childhood so magical!

As we got older, our creativity was suppressed in order to learn the ways of the “real world”. We had to learn what adults and society told us was important to learn and they began to mold us to be good citizens, to fit in, to be a cog in a wheel. As we got older still, any remnants of time to be creative was eaten up with the obligations of survival. And with that came a lot of stress! The real world kept us so busy that we didn’t even realize that something so precious was incrementally being hidden away.

An essential part of the spiritual path is to break free of all conditionings, to get back to the essential self before you associated yourself with your name, your job, your skin color, your sex. When you come to the realization that you are not a personality a divine freedom awakens within. It is this liberation that opens your consciousness to receive the gifts of creative source.

There is egoic creativity and source creativity; it is the latter that adorns the world with beauty and upliftment, that inspires awe and wonder, that heals the heart and touches the soul. Recapture the joy of childhood and regain that feeling of bliss by expressing the beauty in your heart, the beauty of the inner-child.

Let us bring beauty to this world. Dance! Sing! Create masterpieces of music, art, and poetry! Your entire being will rejoice and so much healing will begin as you realign with the primal essence of your very existence. The Universe is creativity and we are but individual expressions of this indefinable creative source.

Johannes ~ Sevaji ~ Hippie Guru Maharaj”

Beyond Survival ~

Such beauty in your discourse of “Beyond Survival”, Johannes/Sevaji ~ If I may share it here .. Here is Johannes’s words that describe with such clarity the uncertainties of life, “a ripple in the undercurrent of of our minds”, that create an unhealthy burden on our souls ~ Also, such wisdom in understanding the power of yoga and meditation, “no longer just a thing that yogis in the Himalayas do” ~ 

Here is Johannes’s crystalline insight ..that of the finest gem ~  

“Beyond Survival

I feel that these last few classes have moved a lot of energy; a lot shifting has been happening, and a lot is being released. Yes, we are in the start of a new year and it’s a good time to make changes, but we are also enter a new phase of humanity.

There are a lot of things that are affecting the global and individual psyche. For example, we hear a lot about the Mayan calendar ending. While we may have our doubts about its’ importance, it still creates a ripple in the undercurrent of of our minds and creates a certain level of uncertainty of what the future holds. We also are witnessing economic turmoil, and the usual concerns about climate changes, the erosion of the earth’s eco-system, pollution, genetically modified foods, and so on. And of course this is all on top of the usual day-to-day stresses we have!

Whether we actively acknowledge them or not, we all have these little uncertainties floating around in our minds, those little “what-ifs?” Uncertainty is a horrible energy to live with as it leads to restless sleep, stress, and anxiety. It relates to the future, and because the future never happens the uncertainties keep renewing themselves. One day has passed, but an extra day of uncertainty has been added.

If we are not releasing in a healthy way the burdens of the day we will be overwhelmed by the pressure. When it becomes more than we can take we’ll feel it in the body and in the mind. Nervous breakdown, depression, diseases, heart attacks, insomnia, alcoholism, drug addiction, and so forth, are all signs that we have not learned to cope with the stress of living in the modern world.

To keep up with the challenges that seem to be increasing day by day, we absolutely must recognize the value of meditation. It is no longer just a thing that yogis in the Himalayas do; it is now a technology necessary for survival. It is the means by which we can thrive. The beauty is that once you get beyond just surviving or coping by continued practice, the benefits of meditation keep increasing, bringing the adherent increasing health benefits, increasing clarity of mind, increasing inner peace, increasing vitality, and increasing longevity.

So, if you are starting to feel the pressures of life are weighing you down now is the time to get motivated! Each class is an opportunity to reset your nervous system, re-balance your brain, and shine the light of your soul! The combined benefits of yoga and meditation are unparalleled. There is no drug that can replace it!

Be blessed. Be Kind. Be groovy.

Johannes ~ Hippie Guru Maharaj”

Global Consciousness ~

With permission .. here is Johannes/Sevaji/Hippie Guru Maharaj’s beautiful insight on Global Consciousness! ~

“Each day I am convinced more and more that we are entering into a crucial stage of transition for not only human evolution but also the evolution of the earth. I am also convinced that the two, human beings and planet earth, are far more interconnected than most people realize, materially and spiritually. It is almost as if we are the heartbeat of the planet and, conversely, that the earth is our heart.

Have you ever noticed a school of fish or a flock of birds, how they seem to move together in perfect unison, either in air or in water, as if they were one mind?

The human mind and consciousness is increasingly being linked globally through media such as TV, satellite, cell phones, the internet and so on. What this means on a practical level is that we are now universally able to receive information, ideas, concepts, on a global level with in hours or even minutes. If there is a war in Libya we hear about it within hours. If there is an earthquake in Japan we hear about it within minutes. When there is an economic problem in Europe we all know about it.

Never before in our history has information traveled so thoroughly and so quickly to every corner of the world.

On a gross level our brains are like individual computers each linked to other human computers that disseminate information, that is, behind every newspaper, every radio broadcast, every TV news station, there are human minds responsible for choosing what the rest of us should know. On a more subtle level each of our minds are constantly broadcasting pockets of conscious energy which we call thoughts. These thoughts, though subtle, become powerful when many people are broadcasting the same thought, concern, worry or fear. So when we all hear the same news about an earthquake or a war or an economic crisis the basic vibration of the thought magnifies.

So what is the consequence of all the minds of the world joining together?

This is a double edged sword. If the general fabric of human consciousness is vibrating peace, love and harmony, no problem. Even if it is vibrating at a mediocre level it may not be too bad. But if the global consciousness turns via negativa then this could lead to the demise of human beings and the planet. Indeed we have already seen this slow suicide happening. We have the military complex which drop depleted uranium bombs that not only kill but also pollute the ground and water for generations. We have multi-billion dollar corporations that freely pollute the air and still get tax breaks. We have oil companies that have accidents that dump ten of thousands of barrels of oil into our oceans. And each of us settle by buying products in plastic packaging that we know will end up in some garbage dump where it will sit for hundreds of years.

As meditators and yogis we must disconnect ourselves from this matrix so that we are not influenced by the negative of the world. Instead we must use our consciousness to influence the masses, not by force or coercion, but by example and by the illumined thoughts we release into the global consciousness.

You may have observed that thoughts vary in intensity. Most thoughts are passing and fleeting, never gathering much energy nor fully manifesting. This is how the majority of people live. But those who live more consciously have greater intensity to their thoughts because they recognize each thought is important and each thought is an opportunity to shape reality. And this is a great blessing! For while the majority, the masses, may be fearful or in doubt their thoughts are cloudy and unrefined, whereas the thoughts of a yogi have impact. A person of spiritual mind knows the impermanence of all things and is thus unattached and knows no fear. Her mind is aligned not with the minds of man but with the universal mind, the cosmic mind, or what some call Buddha consciousness, Christ consciousness, and so on.

Each moment must be lived with such deep awareness. As meditators we cultivate our minds to possess deeper clarity and focus so that each thought carries great potency for shaping the world. Even though we may be the few we can have a tremendous impact on world conditions by directing our thoughts towards universal peace and healing the planet. So, friends, let us shape a world of beauty! The more you love, the more you heal the world.


Johannes ~ Sevaji ~ Hippie Guru Maharaj”

One more .. Johannes ~ Don Juan

Hawaii is a very mystical place ~ I love the insight into the recent retreat experience ~ If I may share one more memory right before the Hawaii trip - Johannes in Southern California performing at Spaghettini’s at Seal Beachwith Anastasios and Geoff ~ Enjoy!