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Robert Redford Reflects on the Gulf Oil Disaster~

In an interview – Robert Redford caught my attention when he shared his thoughts on the policies that might have contribute to the oil spill in the gulf ~ He noted the role of Cheney and the oil companies putting together an energy policy behind closed doors .. which is still in place by the current administration ~ Redford …

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Spices and herbs for health

A healthy food list should contain spices and herbs. Here are a variety of spices and herbs that you can consider including in yourhealthy food list: Cayenne pepper and Tabasco sauceare known to increase metabolism and fat-burning ability. Ginger speeds your metabolic rate and is effective in cases of nausea …

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Sevara YOGA online – next class on Sunday at 10:25 am EST

Join Sevara this Sunday at 10:25 am EST for online yoga broadcasted LIVE from Divine Earth! All are welcome. PASSWORD: to be announced. IMPORTANT: Please visit this link for a list of class requirements: http://divineearth.org/divineearth/node/1900 ‘ Click here to watch Sevara Yoga Donations: Pay what you can, recommended amount is …

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