“This was the best spiritual vacation ever!”
– Marcia

I am so grateful for the time you gave us and for taking such good care of us.”
– Christina

“Thank you! Merci! Gracias! I always want you to share your wisdom with me!”
– Melanie

“Your class was an enormous and beautiful gift for me…so very healing. I feel deeply blessed to receive your wisdom and grace.  Thank-you from the bottom of my heart!!”
– Eva

“When I learned about Divine Earth Retreats I knew very little about Johannes but felt a “calling” to attend. Not knowing many details, I surrendered in trust and journeyed from NY to DR for an experience without expectation. The true testimony is not in my own words, but in the words of those back home. Many had and continue to notice a shift in my energy telling me I look different; I seem different. I am different and I know my heart expanded from this experience. I am in deep gratitude to Johannes for all he offers (understanding, compassion and love) in service and his commitment to amplify the light within each of us.”
– Debbie

I had no idea what I signed up on your Facebook page. I never heard of you or Kundalini yoga. I thank you for opening my eyes and soul to both. It was an amazing week and I take away much. I hope the lessons you have taught me will continue once I return home. You are a beautiful person and I wish you well on your journey. We will see each other again.”
– Michelle

“My time at the Divine Earth Ashram brings to mind three words – Blissful – Bountiful – Beautiful. The opportunity to explore my spiritual path unfettered by the demands of the everyday was a blissful experience. The wisdom, guidance and sheer radiance imparted by Sevaji as well as the energy of fellow students with a common vision for self-discovery provided a bountiful experience for self exploration and community.
Stunning vistas of Sosua Bay on restful beach days, adventures of horseback riding through the villages and up to a hidden waterfall as well as ziplining and delightful monkeys at the monkey jungle provided a beautiful backdrop for my stay. The ashram provided a beautiful and restful home away from home and a lovely setting for early morning meditation and yoga by the pool and nightly festive Kirtan.”
– Jenn

“I am extremely fortunate and grateful for being part of a truly wonderful Johannes Linstead yoga retreat. What an amazing experience! It was more than I even imagined it would be.  Our days were filled with a myriad of fun activities and adventures, and as many yoga classes as we wanted. I was amazed at the seemingly tireless Johannes, always willing to satisfy our every wish. I wanted this retreat to be a life-change, life-enhancing experience. And it definitely was! It seemed that no matter what we did, whether it was to swim with the dolphins, visit the botanical garden, lay on the beach, or sing and dance, I felt so present in each moment, and alive. I felt great!!  We were like-minded people, enjoyed lovingly prepared, delicious vegetarian cuisine, and savoured the beauty that surrounded us, making it a precious and memorable experience. Johannes was truly wonderful, patient and encouraging, and we each received a lot of insights about our own lives and experiences during our time together. I thoroughly enjoyed this retreat and can’t wait to go on the next one!  Thank you Johannes! And many blessing to you!!”
– Sandra

“Thrilled with my 1st experience! Many thanks Guru Sevaji!”
– Janet

“I sit here wrapped in a blanket on a very frigid day.  The endless winter continues.  My mind projects to where you are, and the feelings and memories of the wonderful week with you warm me. I feel like I am living in two worlds.  I am back in my home and regular routine, but my spirit is still with you and your home in the DR.  I am still processing all the blessings that the experience has given me.  I feel that I have grown in a positive way and am on the path to further improvement. I miss you, the chanting, the yoga, the music, the warm sun, the ocean, the clouds, the clear night sky, the fantastic meals…the list goes on. Thank you for sharing yourself, your spirit, your music, your home.  I am very grateful and honoured.”
– Barbara

“Thanks for a wonderful week; we learned so much and I am still processing and trying to transition back into my usual routine. I’ve already noticed some changes within myself, all positive. Your devotion and efforts in working with us were very much appreciated.”
– Candace