Johannes in Southern California ~

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Johannes Linstead on fire at Spaghettini’s in Seal Beach! ~ His core band Anastasios and Geoff join Johannes one of his  signature songs, Guitarra del Fuego! ~ Passionate and from the soul ~

 A blessing ~ Omshantidivine ~ luv Coralina ~

Another wonderful concert at Anthology ~

Hey there ~ I thought I’d share a wonderful concert I experienced last week at Anthology in San Diego ~ Anthology is a great supper club that attracts some of the greatest musical artists of our time including our number one musical inspiration, Johannes!! ~

I was blessed to catch a great performance at Anthology by “another” personal musical inspiration – the legendary jazz band, Hiroshima ~ I was deeply moved by their beautiful spirit and music ~ They are unique in the way they incorporate the beauty of the ancient instrument, the Koto, into their jazz music ~ They are American born (except for the lovely Koto master, June, who was born in Japan but moved to America when she was 6 years old.)

One can hear the beauty of June’s koto in “One Wish”

A quote from their website ~

“Since Hiroshima’s inception in 1980, the group has assumed the artistic mission of bridging cultural divides through the power of music. Hiroshima has borrowed from numerous cultures – Asian, Latin American, African American and more – and merged these influences into a unique and innovative whole that is solely their own. The result is a brand of music that speaks to nearly every aspect of contemporary culture…”

“We’re always looking at things from a multicultural perspective. We see this as the coolest thing about America. Its strength and its vision comes from its multi-ethnicity. Those differences are going to give us the strength to be more unified. The more we homogenize, the more we give up that notion of cultural diversity …” – Hiroshima

More from Yannaki’s musical evening per request ~

I love what Johannes wrote about Yannaki’s guitar performance – “Share some more with us when you can! Congratulations amigo, I’m very happy for you. ~ Johannito”

So per request – here is a follow up to Yannaki’s Latin/Spanish guitar performance with Dennis Fermin on Long Island! ~

Dennis was so kind to invite Yannaki back for another performance .. so here is a photo of Yannaki taken by Dennis wife, Stacey, from their second performance at the same place ~

 The second photo was also taken by Stacey, of Dennis, at their first performance ~ Yannaki shared some audio of the two of them playing together (not yet posted on D.E.) and the beauty of their music is amazing ~ 

Thank you to all for allowing me to share these special divine moments!  Blessings & Love ~ Coralina ~

Latin guitar performance on Long Island with Yannaki~

 Those who know Yannaki understand what a tremendous role Johannes has played in his musical path of heart ~ That is why I asked Yannaki for his permission to share his special Latin guitar evening from last week with Divine Earth and all in D.E.’s place of spiritual growth, creativity and heart ~
Through all the many obstacles life has been throwing in Yannaki’s path lately ..I was so happy to hear of his great time performing with Latin guitarist Dennis Fermin on Long Island last Wednesday ~ Dennis happened to be spending time on Long Island visiting relatives and so Yannaki wrote him a little friendly message since he saw he was in a nearby neighborhood ~ One thing led to another and Dennis visited Yannaki’s home and they shared their music ..which led to Dennis inviting Yannaki to perform with him at a nearby gig ~

Here is a picture of where they performed in Patchogue – nice!

Many continued blessings to all ~ Coralina ~ 

Osho on Music, Meditation and Silence ~

“Music comes closest to meditation. Music is a way towards meditation and the most beautiful way. Meditation is the art of hearing the soundless sound, the art of hearing the music of silence – what the Zen people call the sound of one hand clapping. When you are utterly silent, not a single thought passes your mind, there is not even a ripple of any feeling in your heart. Then you start, for the first time, hearing silence.

Silence has a music of its own. It is not dead, it is very much alive, it is tremendously alive. In fact, nothing is more alive than silence.”

Osho ~

Johannes Signs deal with Yamaha Guitars~

I was very excited to see Johannes’s latest newsletter and announcement of his recently signed International Artist endorsement agreement with Yamaha Corporation of America ~ Yamaha is the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the world and I quote Johannes in saying: “I am very excited to be one of the first guitarists to be playing NCX2000R.”

Here is the photo I took of Johannes/Sevara on his last visit to San Diego playing his brand new, beautiful Yamaha Guitar (NCX2000R) ~

The background/setting of this photo does not exist except from my imagination ~ It is completely computer generated and only Johannes’s image is untouched from the original photo ~

Photo and graphic design by Coralina with technical support by Yannaki ~

Blessings and a big congratulations to Johannes/Sevara ~ Love Coralina ~