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Yes, Big Brother Is Alive and Well in the USA

An anti-terror squad raided the home of a New York family weeks after random Google searches for “pressure cooker”, “Boston Bombing” and “backpack” turned into “a perfect storm.”

Take a woman’s love for steamed Quinoa, her husband’s appetite for a backpack plus a dash of her son’s love of current events and you have the perfect recipe for a police raid.

That’s what allegedly happened to Michele Catalano, who lives in Long Island, New York. Catalano said her web searches for pressure cookers, coupled with her husband’s search for a rucksack and her son’s insatiable interest in the Boston bombings turned into what she believed was a “perfect storm of terrorism profiling.”

FULL ARTICLE HERE: http://rt.com/usa/googling-bomb-feds-raid-suspicious-925/