When the Stars Align: May 20th annular eclipse


JUST HAD TO SHARE!! – found out about this amazing celestial event that is about to occur tomorrow (May 20th) – “thanks to my uncle for telling me about ti!”
DAT RIGHT! – tomorrow will reveal to us a truly captivating event of the heavens….for there will be an annular solar eclipse happening!! – and will be a very special treat for those who will be able to witness it!! –

It will be visible from the coast of China, Northern Taiwan, Southern Jpan, and will conclude in the Western U.S. by sunset (California, Arizona, and New Mexico will be able to see it during sunset) — with Northern California and Albuquerque, New Mexico being in direct line with the center of its path…it will reach its highest peak over the Aleutian islands of Alaska for a duration of 5 minutes and 46 second2Annular Eclipse (map, 558px)


Also, it will be the first annular eclipse seen in the U.S. since the last annualar solar eclipse back in May,10 1994 –

which i remember sooo vividly!! – I remember, it was the end of class, around 2:40pm, and i was in 4th grade….My teacher, Mr. Schultz, who was a real cool teacher…prepared us for the amazing event…I made my first “shoebox projector out of a shoebox and tin foil”…..and i remembered….the whole class was outside in the school courtyard, as it was occurring….We all pointed our projectors to witness the “partial annular solar eclipse” (it was about 90% covered by the moon in our area….the path of totality was passing through New Hampshire)) – yet, it still created an excitingly surreal atmosphere….it grew noticeably dimmer, and the sky had turned a rather eerie “gold” colored hue….like a “midday sunset” it was truly spectacular!! – Such sweet awesome memories, back when i was in grade school – evoking a sense of wonder and awe…..Gosh I SO MISS THE 90’s!! (my dream…one day in my lifetime…..is to witness a total solar eclipse…..nothing quite like it!)



BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!!! — i’ve also heard, another alignment will be occuring with the Pleidian star system coinciding with the eclipse, which makes it even more special, as the Pleidian star system….since ancient history, has been regarded by many historical civilizations such as the Mayans and the ancient Egyptians to represent “spiritual evolution and enlightenment”….WOW!!

Here’s an article about tomorrow’s event! –


What is an Annular Eclipse?

A very amazing celestial event is about to occur…and we are blessed to be able to see this grand event from Hawaii! This annular – or ring – eclipse occurs when the moon crosses directly in front of the sun, much as it does during a total solar eclipse.


At mid-eclipse – instead of the moon covering the sun completely, as in a total eclipse, turning the sky dark and blotting the sun from view – in an annular eclipse, a ring surrounds the moon silhouette. This dazzling ring is the outer edge of the sun. (Note: at no time can you gaze at an annular eclipse without protective solar filters to prevent damage to your eyes. Sunglasses don’t help.) But wait, there’s more…


(images: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

When Can You See the Annular Eclipse?

On Sunday, May 20, 2012, for the first time in 26,000 years, the sun, moon, and the mystic Pleiades Star System will align in a spectacular, full annular solar eclipse and a rare solar eclipse alignment will happen between the Earth, the sun, and our central sun, Alcyone, in the Pleiades Constellation.

The Pleiades

In ancient Hawaii, The Pleiades (Seven Sisters) are known Makali`i (The Little Eyes). The ancient Hawaiian creation chant, the Kumulipo, tells of contact with the elohim from Makali`i. Many ancient cultures, from the Maori of New Zealand to the Mayans of Mesoamerica, from the Egyptians to the Indians, and Chinese, the Pleiades have always been a major foundation of their poetry, lore, and myths.

The fact that this 26,000 year alignment is happening on Sunday is considered a very special event and the perfect time decide what you really want in life.