Mind Science Kept Hidden


  • Thank you Johannes for this enlightening video ~ This is fascinating and show the mind/consciousness is so powerful that it frightens the academics. Their studies reveal insight into understanding the unexplained .. the mysteries of the yogis and ancient arts such as Qi Gong and our physic abilities and our karma that can affect others (hopefully in a positive rather than negative way and perhaps draw people into our lives that will uplift us with love and compassion) ~

    These studies into the realm of the consciousness/mind and heart center also show how sensitive our souls/bodies are to our surrounding environment and others – and that negative or war-like and primitive mindsets can actually affect our health ~ In daily life I cannot avoid encountering people like that because of the aggressive society we live in – but I can at least make an effort seek positive and uplifting minds and souls that help to elevate us and our consciousness ~ Divine Earth is such a place ~ A divine blessing ~

    With loving kindness ~ Much Metta ~ Coralina ~

  • Mike Denton-Anns

    Why has the video been removed?