YOGA live on DIVINE EARTH at 6:35 pm EST

Password: destiny


Join Sevaji this Sunday for online yoga broadcasted LIVE from Divine Earth! All are welcome. PASSWORD: destiny

IMPORTANT: Please visit this link for a list of class requirements:

Click here to watch Yoga w/ Seva

Donations: Pay what you can, recommended amount is $10.

A word about offerings/donations: It is of the utmost importance that you come to class with an offering (read Yogi Bhajan’s statement below). The offering should be made in the spirit of gratitude and can be in a monetary form, which is usually easiest, or a gift.

Recommended online class donation is $10.

“Itarashtam tithar Kashtam – empty handed you come, empty handed you go. It’s a law which should never be broken. And you should (as a teacher) share freely, but never receive a student who comes empty handed – that’s the law. If a person shall come empty handed, that person may sit here for six hours and do all kinds of yoga, but the moment he goes out of that door, he’ll go empty handed. That’s the only condition, and it’s not up to you or me.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

  • Divine One,

    Where to start, it was a magnificent class. Holy yoga! My energy definitely moved all the right ways as I like it to move. The music was so perfect, maravillosa and appropriate for each asana. I was able to still my mind, and felt going into a profound space within. Infinitely grateful to you.

    I loved chanting Sat Narayan Wahe Guru, Haree Narayan Sat Nam!

    Mmmmm, thank you from the heart love.

    Infinite blessings!

    Maria Sat Prakash <3