PHILOSOPHY IS DEAD by Sevaji (Johannes Linstead)

Philosophy is Dead

After philosophizing for many years I have concluded that it is better to reject all philosophy. Each moment is so fresh and new and to live with a philosophy is to live by a script. You become an actor fulfilling his or her part in a play, orĀ leela to use a Sanskrit term, without even realizing it.

In such a case philosophy becomes more of a law, and thus another form of bondage. Life is meant to be lived freely and consciously. Laws, rules, and even philosophy offer ready-made answers that dull the intellectual for one no longer needs to think for oneself, one needs only to refer to some book for an appropriate reaction to a given situation. So instead of relying on one’s own experience, one’s own wisdom, one’s own intuition, we start relinquishing our inner power to a foreign body or governing agency.

Understand that any pre-established morality foisted upon you prevents you from truly experiencing the magic of each moment, for you will always be cross-checking with the voices of the past – your mother, your father, your teachers, your priest, your spiritual books, and so on – to see if you are behaving to their liking. Because that conditioning entered as such a young age and penetrated very deeply into your subconscious, the obvious outcome of this conditioning is a feeling of insecurity within yourself, ranging from mild to phobic; it is putting faith in the external and lack of trust for the internal. And this tells you that you do not have faith in your Self and your own inner guidance.

From your very childhood you have been told what is right and what is wrong, to do this and don’t do that. Very rarely as a child did anyone put much faith in your ability to decide for yourself. In fact, I am sure many of you still hear the voices of some authority figure, like your mother or father, echoing in your mind when you have to make a decision or the proverbial “I told you so!” when you have messed up.
Don’t allow this to create any resentment inside you; that will just deepen the rift.

The people in your past usually meant well and may have believed that that were protecting you. Sadly, they were just repeating the patterns of their parents or following the norm of child rearing in society. It is much better to be aware of the influences that have shaped your life, and if you that some have not served you correct it, forgive those who may not have done so well by you, and live henceforth in accordance to your own nature with awareness.

If you live intelligently with awareness you may come to the same conclusions that philosophy, dogma, or scriptures presented, but the experience will be different. You will live each moment in its totality and you will live authentically.


Johannes ~ Sevaji