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This is a very serious attempt to usurp control and erode away at yet another element of our freedom.

I believe there are a couple strategies at work by the beloved government.

1. First, is to distract and detract away from the Occupy movement and the NDAA bill that targets Americans as possible terrorist..

2. Second, to put in place the means by which the government can censor its critics.

In the coming months, mark my words, they will be scrambling to hold the country together. We have seen that in foreign countries and even in the US that “we the people” WILL protest and demonstrate when pushed too far. More is too come.

When the economy really nose-dives, imagine what “we the people” will do. I believe he gov’ is afraid of what is to come because they know what is to come. These new laws can be used to protect their empire – the empire of the corporatocracy. We need to fight every step of the way to ensure that the government returns to represent the people, and fighting sopa/pipa is absolutely necessary step.

But put this all in perspective. It was just a couple months ago when they introduce the NDAA bill that would allow officials to arrest and imprison basically anyone without a fair trial. But it was for your own safety.

Do you see how this jigsaw puzzle is coming together?

These scheming parasites constantly conceal their true intention by masquerading these new laws under the guise of something noble. Please do not buy into! this! What they really want is for you to shut up (SOPA) and behave (NDAA) while they take the last remains of the country out from under you ‘cuz they know “we the people” have the true power if you walk bravely and united.