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Geoffrey Oryema – a song of peace –


Here’s a really beautiful song written by Ugandan musician and guitarist Geoffrey Oryema, – who fled the country of Uganda duringĀ  former Ugandan president Idi Amin’s “Reign of Terror” – a time when the human rights of the Ugandan people and other neighboring ethnic groups were the threatened….Idi’s rule was littered with crimes of injustice, human rights abuse, nepotism, extrajudicial killings, political repression, and ethnic persecution….


Oryema, seeing the injustices happening – left Uganda for refuge…..this song was written in reflection of the world’s injustices….a cry for peace –



Lyrics: (Zulu translation by Wally Badarou)


Ngibathe Ngicelu Xolo (I’ve been asking for Peace)
Ngatholi nzondo (But all I got was war)
Ngibathe Ngecelu thando ma, ah oh (I’ve been looking for love)
Yiningathi yini ngomhlaba (But I didn’t find togetherness)
Yini Singa Funu Zwano ? ah oh (What is wrong with the world?)
Ngibathe Ngicelu Xolo (What is wrong with the people?)
Ngatholi nzondo, ah oh (Why don’t we want peace?)

Washu mathambo espoki wathi (Says the Skeleton of Africa)
Africa, Umhlaba ubolile (Africa, the world is rotting)
Abantu bane nkohla kalo (People are turning to evil)
Umhlaba ubolile (The world is rotting)
Umhlaba unengozi (The world is wounded)
Sudan, Rwanda, Angola, Malawi, Liberia, Zaire
Stop the killing
Phansingo dlame (Stop the killing)
South Africa: war is never good
Phansingo dlame (Stop the killing)

So why ?
So why ?
So why ?
Africa, Africa will sing – so why ?
The sun in your heart is your smile – so why ?
Wozani bizanu tula – So why ? (Come on, let’s call for peace – zulu)