Yoga ~ Sunday Dec.4 at 11 am EST

Password: destiny

Join Sevara this Sunday for online yoga broadcasted LIVE from Divine Earth! All are welcome. PASSWORD: destiny

IMPORTANT: Please visit this link for a list of class requirements:

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Donations: Pay what you can, recommended amount is $10.

A word about offerings/donations: It is of the utmost importance that you come to class with an offering (read Yogi Bhajan’s statement below). The offering should be made in the spirit of gratitude and can be in a monetary form, which is usually easiest, or a gift.

Recommended online class donation is $10.

“Itarashtam tithar Kashtam – empty handed you come, empty handed you go. It’s a law which should never be broken. And you should (as a teacher) share freely, but never receive a student who comes empty handed – that’s the law. If a person shall come empty handed, that person may sit here for six hours and do all kinds of yoga, but the moment he goes out of that door, he’ll go empty handed. That’s the only condition, and it’s not up to you or me.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

  • With gratitude, dear Seva Singh, for the many blessings you bring through today’s class~ I love the opening words on the “mastering of the self” and living from the heart ~ Also, I embrace the ancient mantras and your guided meditation in deep relaxation as part of my spiritual evolution ~

    I can see how the experience has the power to raise the level of consciousness by raising our vibrational energy frequency ~ The Buddha.. upon attaining Enlightenment .. taught we are consciousness ~

    Also, Sevaji, the body movements invigorating my entire being (I try to continue several of the exercises during the week as well 😉 ) ~

    May your day and week be as beautiful as the glistening lights on the ocean waters! ~ Sat Nam with divine love ~ Coralina ~

  • I feel so much graditude to be able to attend your class again, thank you for always sharing your light and speaking these truths…much love and blessings to you always, Sherry

  • **stretching arms** — uaaaaaaaah…..Im so glad to have not missed this week’s Seva Yoga class — always a refreshing way to start the day (and the week) — just being in the positive vibrations of the class…helps heal and calm the spirit within ~ thanks to Sevaji (the hippiest guru eva!) to help guide us along the way ~

    These past 2 weeks have brought upon a lot of reflection to me, esp. with thanksgiving passing by and the holiday season in full bloom….leaves me in a introspective mood….When this time of season comes around….I tend to take some time alone and reflect on the blessings that enrich my life — family, friends, (ths gifts possessed within) —- and of course……the grandest of them all, the gift of “Love” — the gift of “Health & Life” ~ in which without those two….we cannot enjoy the other things to the fullest ~

    these past few days have been very rough for me, having had two of the most severe flareups with my condition — (different factors were involved in it, including unexpected events that unfortunately occured) — that in the midst of suffering…..(which set me back 3 yrs, which was very frightening) — I had to muster in and harness all the inner strength and support I could get……And while in that suffering, It really put things in perspective ~ “we never appreciate what we have in the moment, until it is missing/lost” –

    Im happy yo say, the worst has passed….(with help from my most recent acupuncture session yesterday…..the most needles i’ve had to date, “15”, including 4 on each wrist ~ targeting the “heart” channel ~) —- im slowly healing once again…..but, in those dark times……I reflect more upon life, and the values that are truly….the most important ~

    despite the struggles…..there is still a glimmer of “light” — i continue to see, 🙂