OWS in perspective

I attended a OWS rally while I was in CA. It is a movement I strongly believe in, tho I can’t see how much change will occur from it. There’s only one way to enact change, and that is thru the almighty dollar bill. One must remember, it is not just Wall Street that is the problem; it is the also several specific sectors that uphold the system, including you, the consumer and voter. Therefore you, acting as an individual must fundamentally change your approach and belief system before any large scale change can occur.

Below are a few concepts which can create change, some for your immediate benefit and some which could cause you a lot of problems, nonetheless, I neutrally present them below for your own personally philosophical consideration:

1. Move your bank account to a Credit Union.
2. Stop buying from corporate-based retailers, restaurants, etc. and buy from “ma and pa” shops and local farmers markets.
3. Reduce the amount of “stuff” you buy and save your money. Buy only “needs.”
4. Vote for Ron Paul, or any politician that vows to end the Federal Reserve.
5. Don’t pay Federal taxes. Of course this will land you in jail.
6. Invest in gold and silver.
7. Move to another country.

Observe how the entire corporate-governmental structure feeds itself and works in a unified way to impose a stranglehold on the average citizen – from the media (feeding you lies and opinions to confuse and distract you), to the food industry (fast food, processed food, etc. keeping you from being healthy), to the entertainment industry including TV sports (why be interested in what’s happening to your country when the Big Game is on and that new blockbuster movie is coming out soon?!!!), to the financial markets (largely controlled and manipulated by the gov. and serve as a kind of “hidden tax” when you lose money, shifting the wealth to the master manipulators), to the financial institutions (fractional-reserve banking system; making money on your money and creating debt, etc. etc. etc.), to the credit card companies (charging unscrupulous interest rates and keeping you enslaved to debt), to the pharmaceutical and allopathic medical system (where perpetual illness is more profitable than cures), to the oil industry (which prevent natural and renewable energy thus making the air, water and earth toxic), to the corporate lobbyists (money talks in the political arena; car manufacturers, big pharma, AIPAC, ), to the government itself (each politician wants to create their own mini-kingdom and to do so requires a Machiavellian mind).

In short, the system works by benefiting the few while controlling and manipulating the many. It is a system that relies on growth and expansion, which feeds on your money and on the natural resources of the planet which cannot be sustained long term. Hence, we have a system that devastates the earth and causes recessions and depressions in the economy, which is another scheme to transfer the wealth from the middle class to the elite few. Think about it: when you lose money or your house, that asset doesn’t just disappear into thin air; it gets redistributed into another entities’ hands, be it the bank or the government or whoever.