Yoga ~ Sunday Nov. 13 at 11 am EST

Password: destiny

Join Sevara this Sunday for online yoga broadcasted LIVE from Divine Earth! All are welcome. PASSWORD: destiny

IMPORTANT: Please visit this link for a list of class requirements:

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Donations: Pay what you can, recommended amount is $10.

A word about offerings/donations: It is of the utmost importance that you come to class with an offering (read Yogi Bhajan’s statement below). The offering should be made in the spirit of gratitude and can be in a monetary form, which is usually easiest, or a gift.

Recommended online class donation is $10.

“Itarashtam tithar Kashtam – empty handed you come, empty handed you go. It’s a law which should never be broken. And you should (as a teacher) share freely, but never receive a student who comes empty handed – that’s the law. If a person shall come empty handed, that person may sit here for six hours and do all kinds of yoga, but the moment he goes out of that door, he’ll go empty handed. That’s the only condition, and it’s not up to you or me.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

  • With my hands in prayer pose ~ Om Mani Padme Hum ~ Dear Sevaji ~ With gratitude for I will carry within me the essence of your Jewel of Consciousness (the mind) which touches and speaks to my heart’s lotus ~ Sat Nam ~ Divinely with love ~ Coralina ~

  • Thank you Sevaji!

    Love & Infinite Blessings!

    ~Sat Prakash

  • Hola Sevaaa!! – welcome back home from yer awesome journey and travels…So awesome to start the day w/ yet another great episode of Seva Yoga…..**stretching arms** Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..que rico! 🙂

    As always, a wonderful way of refreshing and healing the mind and body and breath….a fresh clean new slate – for each day is a new beginning, a brand new start….to explore and discover something new each day (and to continue on throuh our cosmic journey through life)

    – recently, i’ve been facing quite some challenges in my outer and inner worlds…”as you mentioned in an earlier post” the time of change is upon us….I’ve been experiencing such difficult changes lately, some positive…and some negative….In regards to my ongoing condition as well….(slowly but surely going in the right direction i hope) ….

    Been having some up’s and down’s — and that is when I must conquer deep within… these few weeks have been proven to be quite a struggle…..(In a recent acupuncture session, feeling particularly “off”…weakened mentally and physically, completely exhausted from the down’s from my condition….I had a special session that treated what i was experiencing…..And little did i know, I had such a powerful psycho-emotional release come about….suddenly and powerfully….I had felt, all the pain…hardship….and suffering i’ve been dealing w/ for all these months….culminate to a head…..As I experienced all these emotions of hurt erupt….”sadness, anger, despair” — **expletive after expletive** — It was unpleasant to undergo…but it lessened a huge burden that was weighing on me…..My acupuncturist cared for me thru the entire time…as he didnt expect that release either…..

    The next few days, I’ve been taking the time to process it all…..a lot of subconscious “garbage” came out that i didnt have time to process it all….(i know these repressed feelings make my existing condition seem much worse) —- I feel the emotional aspect of it much less….but still deal w/ the up’s and down’s —- but I hope, inside, i have gained some more strength within ~

  • OOO! — also…I’ve been having reccurent dreams…of feeling trapped and lost…..Im keeping a dream journal of it all…..I know it is tied to dealing w/ the pain and suffering of my ciondition…..and other tough times we’re going through (my fam) as well!

  • OKIE!! – i play my guitarrita! ;)))