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“Water On the Table” – a film documentary

“Water On the Table” – a flim documentary about protecting our most precious gift of Mother Nature, besides the air, WATER –

I was just flipping through the channels here (bored as heck here today) — and i found this rather educational and very thought-provoking documentary,  which looks into Canada’s relationship to its freshwater supplies and the continuing fight to protect its water from pollution and corruption….seen from the eyes of Canadian activist Maude Barlow, along with the support of many many locals, Indian tribes – have made protests and rallies, all across Canada…and even ttaking it to the United Nations, declaring water as a “basic human right” for all across the world….that water should not be privatized, and be kept free for millions of those who desparately seek for clean water supplies without the garbage and red tape of governments and corporations…who conitnue to neglect the cries of the people ~

Of particular interest in the film, is the protest against the controversial landfill site at North Simcoe County, Southern Ontario (also known as “Site 41”) –  which was a planned 50 acre dumpsite that posed a huge threat to the local groundwater supply in the area. – which was being built despite the cries of the locals. The site was being developed over a location known as the “Allistion Aquifier” – a huge natural water filtering system that provides, thought by some, “the world’s most purest water supply” –(there’s a whole history about this site) — Barlow, along with the help of thousands of local citizens, tribal groups and protesters from near and far (including the support of famed Canadian environmentalist, David Suzuki)…..held marches, rallies, protests — against the contrusction of the site. After months of fighting, in August 2009…a vote by the Simcoe County council, declared to discountinue any further development of the site, a huge victory for the locals indeed….(in the film, many local citizens who attended the council voting, were over joyous of the victory, as well as many tears of joy and emotion)

A very moving and as i said, a thought-provoking film —- reminding us all, it is our human right…to protect our precious water supplies all across the globe….for we CANNOT surivive without sources of fresh pure water – it is Mother Nature’s gift to us….May we learn from Mother Nature, and may the lessons she teaches us, bring us all closer to peace and harmony…within each other and in harmony with our planet ~

(p.s. – OOOO! i forgot to mention by the way, I have very fond memories of North Simcoe County, as i have visited there twice back in the summer of 98′ and 2001 — such a beautiful area!! — closeby is the lovely Lake Simcoe, which i went with my folks here in Canada on a trip….and i remember swimming in the lake, what amazing experience!!)

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