5 Life Lessons Learned from Alexander Supertramp aka Christopher McCandless

Here’s a little something inspirational i’ve found on the web — lessons learned from one of my life heroes – Christopher McCandless, aka – Alexander Supertramp ~

Several years ago, i had the oppurtunity to watch the movie “Into the Wild” – during a very transformational and emotionally sensitive time in my life….getting in touch with my inner self and my place in society and the universe ~ the movie inspired me in so many ways…..

While most thought he was an idiot for the radical decision he made — through that extreme, he tought us all some very important lessons about life that most of today’s society sadly neglects ~

Here’s the post that a dude wrote about – Enjoy!!


“The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences.”
— Chris McCandless

“This is a kick-ass guest post from my lovely fiancée Alice.  More to come from her, I hope, since this post is so darn good.  If you have no idea who the names are in the headline, it’s from Into the Wild, a killer book from Jon Krakauer.  It was also made into a pretty good movie (with an awesome soundtrack).  It’s about an adventurous soul and a life lost, but found at the same time.  It will leave you with mixed feelings, but it’s a wonderful read.”

Alexander Supertramp

I must admit, I had a little bit of a crush on Alexander Supertramp after reading Into the Wild. He was this free-spirited romantic character who flowed as he pleased effortlessly in and out of one adventure to another and took the consequences as part of the game. He sprinted down a path that I dreamed of but was too afraid to attempt.

To me, he was a success. And I took from his experience some important life lessons. Here they are:

1. Keep your goal in sight. Don’t give up what you want for what you want right now.

Even with a destination that would take him down a path fraught with adversity, Chris’s dream was unwavering. His yearning to find truth and solitude in a world where little exists led him directly into immense obstacle after obstacle.

It is so easy for us to find excuses to not follow through on our dreams. There are always a million reasons not to do something. Keep your dreams in sight and if you should fail, try and try again. Do not concede, and do not compromise to take the easier path and settle for a portion of your dream just because it’s the easiest path right now.

2. Material things are just that, material things

McCandless came from a well-to-do background. Transitioning from a life full of privilege and wealth into that of a homeless man with only the shirt on his back was a great endeavor in itself and it’s hard to believe that it was a voluntary choice. We live in a society that determines your personal worth based on what you own. It is so difficult to let go of the mindset that reminds you “I need to own things and the more things I own the better person I am”. We’ve been programmed to think material possessions make us happy.  But to obtain those things we must give up some of ourselves, our time, and our space. Letting go can change your life and coming to the realization that you are more than the total of your material possessions is liberating.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff

….and yes, you guessed it, it’s all small stuff.  In this great big world, we are all but a speck of dust in the grand scheme of things and so are our problems. Always ask yourself “Will this matter next week, next month, or ten years from now?” Stress and worry is the thief of happiness, so let it go.

4. Find happiness in your struggles

Chris’s journey was an ambitious struggle from start to finish.  In the end your struggles were all just a part of the journey. Revel in the hardships that lend to your expedition and become part of your character.

5. Don’t worry about other people’s opinions of you or your dreams

Unfortunately, everyone is entitled to an opinion. If McCandless had listened to the opinions of others he would undoubtedly never have sought a life of solitude in nature. In fact, it is very likely that the opinions of society had a lot to do with why he chose to desert society in the first place. Never allow the thoughts and negativity of others control you and your actions.


Many find it easy to criticize Chris McCandless as one with a romantic death-wish.  It’s easy to call him an idiot for the path he chose.  I think that makes him all the more admirable.  Regardless of your feelings toward Chris McCandless, there are definitely things to learn from his experiences.  He was on a journey to find happiness regardless of the struggles.  Even though his harsh path ended in death, I think he did find his happiness.

On our own journeys, we will find those that criticize.  Maybe out of jealousy, maybe out of misunderstanding, maybe out of their own unhappiness.  More than likely because they are blind to everything other than what society tells them they should do.  We will find our own struggles as we push forth testing our limits, pushing toward freedom.  But we mustn’t let that hold us back.  We must press on, because on our walk to simplicity, we are all indeed headed In The Wild.