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Wishing for Peace – “disiu ri’paci”

for international peace day – a cry for world peace and harmony ~

Here’s a song i wanted to share – from one of my favorite Sicilian musical groups, Agricantus ~ writing songs that speak of universal oneness and bridging together world cultures through the language of music…(hence their multi-cultural sound)

Amatevi ~


Chiancinu l’occhji me, p’un s’aciucari

amuri cca t’haju lassari, m’accumpagnu p’a via

chi me suspiri, u celu supra a mia

m’ajuta a chianciri ~

– Luci cu suli, ca luna

la notti s’appoja, jornu chi fui

disiu ri’ paci, scantu ri’ querra

Ciatu – Paroli –

l’aqua s’aciuca – u siccu si vagna

~ disiu ri’ paci, scantu ri’ querra ~

(english translation)

– My eyes cry, i cannot dry them

love that i must release, which remains in me

that i sigh out, the skies above,

help me to cry ~

The light of the sun and the moon,

the day that disappears into the night,

I am wishing for peace – I fear of war

Breath – Words ~

the waters dry up, becoming filled up once again

~ I am wishing for peace – I fear of war ~