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More Gulf Offshore Explosions endanger Wildlife ~

From the Care2 website dated today ~

It’s happened again! Yesterday, another oil rig exploded in the Gulf — clearly, we need to change our policies on offshore drilling. The BP disaster already left fisheries devastated, tourism down, and the marshes and beaches fouled with oil and tar, and countless wildlife like sea turtles, dolphins, and herons coated in oil and dying.

The Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Accountability Act, S.3663, would address drilling reforms to prevent disasters like this in the future.

Its provisions include improving offshore drilling management and crisis response, as well as finally guaranteeing funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund — an important tool for preserving and restoring¬†habitat for Gulf wildlife and other animals.

The House has already passed the bill and now it’s time for the Senate to do the same.

If you wish to support the Clean Energy Jobs and Accountability Act – you can use the following link to send a letter to the Senate:


Divine Blessings ~ Coralina ~