This Precious Moment ~

Without further adue – here’s some video of one of my performances….Dennis was so kind to let me play a few of my pieces – all which i hold very dear to me….for they were written with total conviction and love ~ which i gladly share with my friends ~

~ short clip of a solo section from one of my original pieces….entitled “This Precious Moment” ~


  1. Dearest Yannaki…What a beautiful song! You are a very talented composer/musician. ;-)
    Thank you for sharing ‘This Precious Moment’ with all of us. Blessings…Gitana

  2. WOWWZIIEEES! As Yannakito would say. Finally I get to hear you play and I must say I am very impressed. Share some more with us when you can! Congratulations amigo, I’m very happy for you.

    ~ Johannito

  3. Yay Yannaki !!! ~ What a blissful song and moment …like a bird in flight into the deep blue sky – channeling the beauty from within (and I can hear Johannes’s influence in your music!) ~

    Thank you for sharing your amazing evening and gifts from the heart ! ~

    Peace, love and everlasting joy ~ Coralina ~

  4. OMG! – i was totally blown away by da response i had to take a moment away and come back to write somethin’ – lol! :O

    From within i say, thankies sooooo much for letting me share something very special w/ u guys and for enjoyin’! ~ Im so humbled n’ blessed by da comments i’ve received so far’s – WoWzies! – lol ~

    Gracias Coralinni for yer beautiful words that touch me in a very tender way – the way u describe is exactly how i felt when i came up w/ da song ~ serenity and peace ~ sharin’ those subtle things we feel inside…..those inner expressions ~ through song ~

    And yes! – Joh has always been a great influence…..LOL!!!! – Joh said Wowzies! ~ Muchas Gracias! ~ it is an honor and a blessing to share with you amigo….(blushin!) – at long last you finally get’s to hear! ~ :D

    y Gracias Gitana for yer kind words too’s! — every day is precious…and sharin’ this moment here on D.E. is very precious indeed! ~

    My wish is to share da musica with others – and for that…i say thanks again D.E.!! –

    Will be backs w/ some more stuff – stay tuned’s! ;)

    ~ Yaki ~

  5. Yannaki! Wow, thank you so much for sharing your precious moment, so uplifting. Blessings to you and many more precious moments.
    much love

  6. Ahhh thankies Sherry! Yer words uplift me tooz! – and keep me humbled n’ inspired ~ Im truly touched ~

    Yannakito ~

  7. What a lovely piece of music–just wish the video had been longer! Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  8. Ahhhh – thanks Deborah for yer kind words ~ will see if i can find some more to share here! ~ :)

    An honor and a blessing to share da musica with others ~ Peace ~

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